‘Baby Driver’ is as good as it gets. Good boy ‘Baby’ is coerced into a life of crime as a get-away driver. Fast-paced action that will have you strapped to the edge of your seat laughing, and crying for the more emotional audience members (cue dramatic backstory and love interest).

Initially Baby’s quirky nature as he races solely to the beat of his own drum will have you thinking there’s something a little more than off about him; but as we delve further into the legendary soundtrack that makes this film, you’ll be trying to mimic his every move to concoct your own personal soundtrack to live by.

A spectacular film that will leave you energised – cast, script, cinematography, special effects and an outrageously addictive soundtrack will thrust this movie straight into anyone’s top 10.

Reminds me of:

  • Gone in 60 Seconds
  • Ocean’s 11
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs the World
  • Warm Bodies
  • Guardians of the Galaxy