TV Series (2017 – present)

1 Season


*Trigger warning – Suicidal references*

The highly controversial and extensively discussed series of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a girl who commits suicide, the 13 things that pushed her over the edge, and the impact on those she left behind. Highly relevant in today’s society, this heartbreaking series will have you glued raw waiting out all 13 tapes.

This series does not shy away from the ugliness, thus its cause for controversy. Hard to leave a positive note on suicide. However, ’13 Reasons Why’ accomplished its intent, people are finally talking, not just of the show, but of suicide and prevention. The 13 stories of how both minuscule and monumental acts of cruelty can impact a persons life, and the domino effect it has on everyone around you.

The graphic choices of cinematography has resulted in public comments of crudeness and the glorification of suicide. For those who never experienced lives harsh truths or if you’re unable to connect, be sure to watch episode 14, ‘Beyond the Reason’, where the show discusses its intent of the series and the research that went into the show.

*S.A.* Whilst Hannah Bakers method of suicide note was a little bit awesome, I would be shocked if any viewer did not have to look away or cringe as we see her slide that razor down her wrists. Unlike the book, in which Hannah ends her life with pills, the series shows true ugliness in suicide. Pills are an easy mimic, I could maybe understand such comments of glorification had the series stayed true. However, the look on Hannah’s face, the blood, and the harrowing faces of her parents discovering her body in a bath of red are things of nightmares.

Whilst I still thoroughly enjoyed the book written by Jay Asher, this is a rare occasion in which I believe the on-screen adaptation to be superior. A show I think teacher, student, parent and child alike should watch and learn from. A binge worthy, simply irresistible show that digs deep. Not without its flaws, though they almost add to it’s greatness – just as life is far from perfect.

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